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Up till now, you had to guess if you really had a yeast infection. SavvyCheck has taken out all the guesswork. Get a definitive answer within a few minutes. It is easy, quick, and accurate. Be sure this time !!

Vaginal Yeast Test

SavvyCheck™ Vaginal Yeast Test is a qualitative rapid test for the detection of Candida antigens in vaginal secretions sampled by a swab. The kit is to be used by women who complain of vaginal symptoms. The test is intended to be used by both physicians and patients.


The SavvyCheck Vaginal Yeast Test is an immunoassay in which Candida antigens interact during flow along the test strip with anti-Candida specific antibodies conjugated to blue latex particles used as detector. The outcome complex binds during the continuation of the flow to anti-Candida specific antibodies that are immobilized in the detection zone, to create a blue line. The presence of a blue line at the test line position indicates a positive result. The conjugated latex particles interact downstream from the test line with other specific antibodies to create the control line. The presence of a blue line at the control line position indicates proper function of the test.


The SavvyCheck Vaginal Yeast Test has been evaluated with specimens obtained from symptomatic and non-symptomatic patients.   Culture was used as the reference method.  Specimens were considered positive if the culture indicated a positive result.  Specimens were considered negative if culture indicated a negative result. The results show that the SavvyCheckVaginal Yeast Test has a high sensitivity and specificity relative to culture results.


þ     Easy to use

One step procedure; no need for special skills or instruments compared to culture or microscopy.

                                                                                                                                           þ    Accurate

·  High sensitivity when compared with yeast culture.

·  High specificity versus yeast culture. There is no cross-reactivity with other vaginal pathogens, ensuring highly accurate results even when clinical symptoms are equivocal.

·  100% agreement between sampling by physicians and patients.


þ     Fast

Results within 20 minutes. No need to wait days for culture results from the laboratory.


þ    Reliability

The kit has been assessed for reproducibility 



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